Mission, Vision and Behavioral Standards


    We champion children by making them better today and healthier tomorrow.


    Arkansas Children’s Hospital will fundamentally transform healthcare delivery for the children of Arkansas and beyond through innovative advancements in patient care, research, education and advocacy resulting in unprecedented improved child health.

    Behavioral Standards

    • Professional - Treat our patients, families and each other with respect, maintain a professional appearance and provide an environment of care, love and hope.
    • Accountable - Follow ACH policies and procedures to ensure quality outcomes; make things better by reporting safety events.
    • Team-oriented - Communicate well and work together with a focus on family-centered care.
    • Innovative - Anticipate needs, inspire, invent and fully utilize resources to improve the way we work.
    • Excellent - Be safety and outcome-focused in all endeavors. Learn from ourselves, other organizations and industries to constantly improve our quality of care.
    • Nurturing - Treat patients, families and each other with compassion and respect.
    • Trustworthy - Provide consistent and quality care to maintain the confidence of our patients, families, community, referring physicians and each other. Follow confidentiality regulations to protect the privacy of our patients and families.
    • Safe - Follow ACH policies and procedures to keep our patients and coworkers safe and to prevent injury.