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Examining Your Relationships

We all want to have good relationships with the people in our lives; for one thing, it makes us better parents. But sometimes this can be difficult. Relationships are packed with problems like misunderstandings, hurt feelings and painful conflicts. Sometimes we become frustrated or disappointed with people — even the most important people in our lives.

We might think that the answer to having a better relationship is simply to learn better relationship skills. Relationship skills are important, but the source of many of our relationship problems is not merely a lack of knowledge or skills. In many cases, we simply lack the commitment or motivation to do what we know we should do.

For example, most of us know we should eat more fruits and vegetables to have a good diet. We have the skills to prepare them. But many of us still don't eat well in spite of our knowledge and skills.

This is also true in relationships.

For example:

• We know how to say kind and helpful things. We have all the skills required. But many times we choose to criticize, complain or hurt others instead of being kind.

• We know how to listen to others. But many times we choose to continue talking or arguing instead of listening and trying to better understand the other person's feelings.

We may think that our behavior is justified. We tell ourselves that we have good reasons for the way we are acting. Yet we may be destroying a relationship.


Why Immunizations are Important During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant or plan to get pregnant, you need vaccines to protect you and your baby, as well. These shots are safe for both of you.

Try to get all of the regular shots you need before pregnancy. OB doctors now recommend these five shots (vaccines) during your pregnancy:

• Flu (yearly, usually given October through December)
• Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria and whooping cough)
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Pneumonia

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Fun & Mystery Await Kids in New Reads at Central Arkansas Libraries

There's plenty of adventure inside the pages of new books on the shelves at Central Arkansas Library branches. Kids will enjoy the tales that await them in these latest selections.

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Baby on the Way? Get Free New Parent Planner from ACH

It's too bad babies don't come with instruction manuals. But Arkansas Children's Hospital is giving parents the next best thing: a free new parent planner packed with useful info and tips that also doubles as a place to organize all that important paperwork for the newest member of the family.

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Whooping Cough is Cause for Concern

You've probably seen the headlines about a recent resurgence in whooping cough cases. In this video, ACH pediatrician Dr. Bryan Burke explains this serious illness and gives parents tips on what to do if their little ones come down with it.

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Making Time for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Whether a student is the class genius, the class clown, the class troublemaker or somewhere in between, it is helpful to both the teacher and the child for a parent or guardian to attend parent/teacher conferences. This is the time when parents can meet the teachers that their children will be in contact with for the school-year and share information about the students.

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