Parent Present Induction Tips

Learn how to help your child during Parent Present Induction (PPI).

  • You can do whatever you normally do at home when helping to soothe him/her
  • Depending on your child's age, you may be able to hold or rock your child
  • You can hold your child's hand
  • You can caress your child's hair or face
  • You can talk or sing to your child
  • If comfortable doing so, you may be able to help hold the mask to his/her face
  • Remember, it is important to remain calm

Important Things You Must Remember

  • If you are asked to leave the room you must do so quickly and immediately. The medical staff must be able to focus their attention on your child.
  • Once the anesthesia induction begins to take place, the procedures must continue. Therefore, if your child becomes upset or resists the mask, he/she may have to be gently restrained.
  • You must be flexible! Your child's anesthetic induction plan may need to be changed.
  • Your child may need an injection or to have an IV placed if the anesthesiologist feels it would be best at that time.
  • If your child is given anesthetic through his or her IV, the medicine may sting a little as it is given.
  • The child may need the anesthesiologist to help with his/her breathing. This is normal and is expected.
  • Time may pass differently when you are in the induction room. What may seem like a very long period of time is likely only a few minutes.

Finally, we would like to remind you that we would never require you to choose PPI. We understand that this is an individual choice and if you do not feel comfortable or prepared to go back to the induction with your child we will not ask you to do so. Our caring staff is dedicated to providing your child with the highest quality of care whether or not you are present for your child's induction.