Parent Present Induction

At Arkansas Children's our Parent Present Induction (PPI) program is used to reduce stress and anxiety in children who are going to receive an anesthetic. A parent who wishes to be present with the child when he or she goes to sleep (induction) may do so if the child meets certain criteria and the anesthesiologist agrees. Patients who are undergoing emergency surgery or who are extremely ill may not be eligible. In all cases the decision of the Anesthesiologist is final.

Is Parent Present Induction (PPI) For You?

There are many important things that the anesthesiologist must consider when deciding whether or not to offer PPI. Below are some of the key points:

  • How comfortable are you with the idea of watching your child "go under anesthesia?" Children respond directly to the emotions of their parents. If you do not feel that you can remain calm and relaxed during the induction process PPI is not the right choice for you.
  • Do you have medical conditions that may interfere with your participation? Are you pregnant or allergic to latex products? 
  • How does your child cope with procedures when you are present? Some children cope better with procedures when their parent is present, others cope better when their parent is absent. 

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