Burn Unit Information

Visiting Guidelines

  • Primary caregivers (parents, spouse) may visit the unit 24 hours a day. Normal visiting hours are 9 a.m. - 9 p.m. (hours). The Burn Center waiting room is open daily during normal visiting hours.
  • Closed unit - To protect our patients who may have open wounds, the Burn Center is a secure unit. Everyone entering the Burn Center must enter through the central door and check in with the unit secretary in the waiting room.
  • Young Visitors - Due to the risk of infection for patients and for young visitors, we do not recommend that small children visit the unit. Exceptions may be made for the immediate family. Please inform your nurse or staff if a young child will be visiting the unit. You will be asked to fill out a "Child Visitation Form". Child Life can help prepare the child for the visit.
  • Hand Washing - Before entering the Burn Unit everyone is required to wash their hands with soap. Occasionally, you will be asked to wear a gown, gloves or other protection for the safety of our patients.
  • ICU - Bedside visitation is limited to a maximum of 2 visitors. In some cases, ICU patients will only be allowed one visitor, at the discretion of the patient's nurse.
  • Stepdown Unit - Bedside visitation is limited to a maximum of 2 visitors. Stepdown (other than caregivers with a parent badge) - If space allows, one person will be allowed to stay overnight at the patient's bedside.
  • Overnight Stays - Due to a limited amount of bed space, we are able to offer only two adult overnight arrangements to parents, legal guardians, spouses, or caregivers. Overnight visitors must be at least 18 years of age. NO two adults including patients are to share a bed at one time.
  • Central Family House - Two adult family members may reserve bed spaces in the Central Family House. If you are planning to stay overnight, please check in with the staff to reserve a bed space. Quiet hours are between 11 p.m. - 8 a.m.

Code Words

  • Everyone admitted to the Burn Center will be asked to pick a code word. Information can only be given to those with the code word. To minimize interruptions in care, it is best to have one designated spokesperson to obtain information and update family members.

Team Rounds

  • Team rounds happen Monday and Thursday mornings from 730-900. During this time, visitation and hallway traffic may be limited for patient privacy. The medical team rounds daily with each patient.

Emergencies and Special Procedures

  • Families and visitors may be asked to step out of the unit during procedures or emergencies. The team will make every effort to limit the amount of time that you are away from your family member.
  • Dressing Changes - Patients on the Burn Unit often require bandage change procedures. While family members are not allowed to be present throughout the entire procedure, you may be allowed to view the wounds. Please let your nurse know if you would like to be involved in dressing changes. A caregiver will be invited to participate in dressing change when nearing discharge.

Flu Season

  • During flu season, ACH may implement restricted visitor guidelines. These guidelines will be posted throughout the hospital.

Infection Control

  • Hygiene: Our patients are at risk for infection because of their burn injury, we ask that you practice good hand hygiene while at your family member's bedside, and we ask that you bathe and change clothes daily. ACH offers showering and laundry facilities for family use. Please ensure any personal bed linens/pillows from home are freshly laundered or new. Please ask the secretary if you are in need of detergent or hygiene products. Thank you for helping us provide a clean environment for healing. For example, discarding of leftover food items and trash.
  • Patients and family members should always wear proper footwear and we ask that patient rooms are kept clean and tidy for the length of stay.
  • Off Unit Travel: Due to the risk of infection, patients are not allowed to leave the unit without medical team permission. Even with approval patients must sign in and out and check with nursing staff before leaving the unit. If granted permission by the medical team to go off the unit patients are not to leave the hospital (including courtyards and atrium) and must check in with staff on the unit regularly. All patients must be back on the unit by 9pm when traveling off the unit.
  • Gift restrictions: Please do not bring flowers, fruit, outside food, latex balloons. Please limit mylar balloons to 3 per patient.

Food and Drink

  • Patients on our unit often require special diets. For this reason, outside food is not allowed on the unit. Patients may order meals from hospital Room Services by dialing "4FOOD" or 43663. If the patient is not allowed to eat, for medical reasons, please do not eat in the patient's room.
  • Tobacco and alcohol use is prohibited on hospital property. Use of these substances and second-hand smoke exposure can prevent healing or can worsen wounds.

Phones, Cell Phones and Camera Use

  • Please limit cell phone usage while on the unit. No cell phones are to be used in ICU room. If you need to use your cell phone, please step into the waiting room for phone use.
  • While you may take photos of your family member, if they wish, you are not allowed to photograph other patients or staff members.


  • When visiting the unit, please stay at your family member's bedside or return to the waiting room. We cannot give out information about other patients. Each patient's circumstances are different. Each patient gets individualized care.