Meet the Burn Care Team

Medical Director

Todd Maxson, M.D.

Burn Surgeons

Esther Teo, M.D.


As a unique feature among burn centers across the Unites States, our three anesthesiologists are completely dedicated to the burn center. In addition to providing anesthesia in the operating room, they provide sedation for patients with larger dressing changes to help decrease pain and make them feel more comfortable. All of our anesthesiologists are Assistant Professors with the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Nursing Director

  • Victoria Jackson, BSN,RN

Nursing Staff

Trained in burn/wound care and critical care for adults and pediatrics, our nurses will work with patients and families to provide compassionate and personal care.

Occupational/Physical Therapists

Rehabilitation is a key component of burn care, and our therapists work with patients one-on-one for positioning, strengthening, splinting, endurance and self-care.

Burn Pharmacist

Our pharmacist helps to ensure that patients are on the most effective medication and also assists with their home medications.

Clinical Nutritionist

Burn patients often need proper nutrition and extra protein to help them heal and recover faster. Our nutritionist works with patients to help monitor how much they are eating and helps suggests appropriate foods.

Respiratory Therapists

Our therapists help promote breathing, provide treatments and assist with ventilator management.

Child-life Specialists

These specialists assist children and families in relieving stress and anxiety. They also provide distraction techniques and toys during therapy and dressing changes.

Social Workers

These clinicians help provide numerous support services such as counseling and resource planning.

Burn Outreach & Aftercare

Burn Center Outreach offers a full range of burn prevention, emergency care, and survivor support. Visit the Outreach section for more information.

  • Outreach Coordinator: Gretta Wilkinson, RN
  • Outreach Specialist: Pam Richard, FF
  • Outreach Specialist: Nathan Travis, FF