Excellence in Kidney Care

At Arkansas Children’s, we diagnose and care for both routine and the most complex kidney and urinary tract disorders. We are committed to providing family-centered care, and we work closely with our patients and their families to find the best possible methods for care and treatment. Because kidney disease can be complicated, we bring together a team of specialists from different areas to help our patients reach the highest possible level of physical, social and emotional health while living with what can be a chronic, life-changing disease.

Care for Both Routine and Complex Kidney Conditions

From commonplace kidney ailments to complex and life-threatening diagnoses, Arkansas Children’s combines its vast experience with the latest innovations in nephrology to accurately diagnosis and effectively treat patients. We also provide consultation for children with complex electrolyte and acid base disorders and other kidney and urinary tract issues.

Certified Kidney Transplant Program

The pediatric kidney transplant program at Arkansas Children’s is the only certified program in the state approved to perform kidney transplants in children. In operation since 1986, more than 200 patients have received a kidney transplant at Arkansas Children’s.

Only Pediatric Dialysis Program in Arkansas

We operate the only pediatric dialysis program in Arkansas, serving children throughout the state and from neighboring regions. Our expert staff will provide your child with the latest treatment, education and support, including education and support for parents who are interested in providing dialysis at home.

High Blood Pressure Expertise

Because high blood pressure or hypertension in children and adolescents can damage the heart and kidneys, early diagnosis and intervention are critical. Our team will measure and monitor blood pressure, seek to determine underlying causes and prescribe lifestyle changes and medications when it will benefit the patient.