Diastat AcuDial Quick Facts

What is Diastat?
  • Diastat is a rectal medication of diazepam (valium) approved for treatment of prolonged seizures or clusters of seizures.
When should Diastat be given?
  • Diastat should be given for seizures lasting longer than five minutes or a cluster of seizures that occurs one right after the other.
How soon should the seizure stop after giving Diastat?
  • After giving the Diastat, the caregiver should notice effects of the medication within five minutes.  If the seizure continues another five minutes, a second Diastat can be given as well as seeking medical attention (call 911 or going to local emergency room).
If Diastat stops the seizure, what should you do?
  • Continue to monitor the child.  It is not always necessary to take him/her to the emergency room unless he/she is having trouble breathing or has become injured during the seizure.
What are the side effects of Diastat?
  • The most common side effect is sleepiness.  The child will most likely be tired from the seizure activity, also.  Other less likely side effects include:  dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, nervousness, feeling unsteady or clumsy, or a rash.

Helpful Hints

  • Always lubricate your Diastat syringe with KY jelly before administering to your child.
  • Place the tip of the syringe in the rectum just far enough so that all of the medicine goes into the rectum. 
  • Hold the butt cheeks together after administering to assure all the medicine has been absorbed.
  • Be sure that your child has Diastat with him/her wherever he/she goes.