Seizure First Aid

Most seizures end after 1 to 2 minutes without harm.  These seizures do not usually require a trip to the emergency room.  You do not usually have to do anything if a person has brief periods of staring or shaking.  Seizure first aid should be used with shaking or jerking lasting longer than a few seconds.

If you child begins to have a seizure:
  • Lay him/her on the floor on his/her side to keep his/her airway open
  • Clear the area around him/her of anything hard or sharp
  • Do not try to hold him/her down or stop his/her movements
  • Loosen any tight clothing, especially anything around his/her neck
  • Do not put anything in his/her mouth – she will not swallow his/her tongue
  • Time the seizure
If your child’s seizure lasts longer than 5 minutes:
  • Administer Diastat if his/her neurologist has prescribed this medicine
  • If Diastat has not been prescribed, call 911 or take your child to your local emergency room
If your child’s seizure continues after administration of the Diastat:
  • Administer the 2nd Diastat syringe if the seizure has lasted 5 minutes after the 1st syringe was given
  • Prepare to call 911 or take your child to your local emergency room