What Do We Do?

We take care of all medical and surgical problems involving a child¹s head or neck. This may be as simple as an ear infection or as complicated as a cochlear implant or larynx reconstruction. Otolaryngologists manage acute and chronic ear infections, both medically and surgically. They are experts in children with wet noses including chronic sinusitis and its complications. Other problems addressed include recurrent tonsillitis, large tonsils and adenoids with sleep apnea, and breathing problems including noisy breathing or stridor. Otolaryngologists also manage children with neck masses from simple cysts to skin tags to head and neck cancers. Hearing loss can be assessed and treated at birth and intervention for hearing loss may include medicines, rehabilitation with hearing aids and speech therapy, or surgery. Otolaryngologists are experts in facial plastic surgery including scar revisions, septorhinoplasty, and cleft lip and palate. Otolaryngologists are also capable of assisting with speech and language development.