Pulmonary Clinic Tests & Procedures

Pulmonary function tests are a series of tests, which evaluate how well your lungs are performing.

Staffed by Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioners, the pulmonary lab performs many tests that help physicians evaluate a patient’s lung health. “Pulmonary function tests”, usually called PFT’s are the most frequently ordered pulmonary lab tests. Different types of PFT’s can be performed depending on the age of the child. Each test requires a certain level of cooperation for the test to be successful and accurate. Generally, PFT’s are ordered within the following guidelines:

 Age    Tests
 8 & older       spirometry every visit, lung volumes as needed
 6 & 7    spirometry each visit
 3, 4 & 5    spirometry as able (many this age cannot correctly perform test) 
 up to 3    infant pulmonary function testing


Infant Pulmonary Function testing is done in the main pulmonary lab. When patients are old enough to cooperate, they will be testing in either the pulmonary lab located on the second floor in the main hospital or the satellite pulmonary lab, which is accessible in the Sturgis building.

The Pulmonary Laboratory does several other tests to evaluate: