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STARscanner™ Technology

STARscanner™ TechnologySometimes, babies are born with or develop a head-shape deformity. There are many reasons this happens, including prematurity, birth complications or being a twin or triplet with limited space while developing in the womb. When an infant head is growing and meets resistance, it develops a flat spot or deformity called positional plagiocephaly.

This is very common in babies and the flat spot or deformity can be corrected by encouraging the skull to grow the desired direction using a special custom-made helmet called a cranial remolding orthosis or “custom helmet”.

Arkansas Children’s Hospital uses a STARscanner™ to quickly and accurately take measurements of the baby’s head to create custom helmets.

The STARscanner™:

  • Uses an eye-safe Class 1 laser to quickly scan the baby’s head
  • Takes 1.5 seconds to capture the image
  • Results in a more precise fitting
  • Sends the image directly to the manufacturer in a matter of seconds

Helmet Therapy

Positional plagiocephaly, also known as "flat head syndrome," is a deformation of the shape of a baby's head. For babies requiring helmet therapy as a treatment, specialists at Arkansas Children's Hospital use the newest technology available to quickly and accurately take measurements of the baby's head to ensure the most comfortable and effective fitting helmet.

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