Ensuring a Smooth and Safe Surgery

What can I do to help make my child’s surgery go smoothly and safely?

  • Arrive at your child’s scheduled appointment on time to avoid delays and delaying other surgeries.
  • Follow all instructions carefully, especially NPO instructions.
  • Remain flexible since emergencies or other uncontrollable factors may result in unexpected delays.
  • Take care of yourself! Do not fast with your child- get up earlier than he and eat a good breakfast so that you are physically ready to provide emotional support for your child.

Written educational materials are available from the Ambulatory Surgery Center. Please call 501-364-1336 if you would like to request that either of the following pamphlets be sent to you.

  • Helping Your Infant, Toddler, or Young Child Before Outpatient Surgery
  • Helping Your Older Child or Teenager Before Outpatient Surgery