Camp Mitchell Camp and Retreat Center

Camp Mitchell is a summer camp, retreat and conference center that is run by the Episcopal Church, but is open to people of any or no faith. With the help of our GardenCorps member, our community will be exploring our place in the ecosystem through participation in producing our own food. In addition to helping us care for the farm, our GardenCorps member will walk with our summer campers and visitors as they experience the gardens: touching dirt, looking for bugs, feeding chickens, learning what a potato plant looks like, and finding connections between us all.

2017 - 2018 Service Member


Claire Vogelgesang 

Claire Vogelgesang was born in Arkansas, and earned a Bachelors degree in Environmental Studies from Hendrix College. She has been involved in garden programs and has been passionate about environmental issues since childhood, including projects such as filming documentaries, assisting with the running of local community gardens, and working in hunger relief. This is Claire's second term with the Arkansas GardenCorps, and she is excited to continue to work in food justice and forming community around food in Arkansas.


2014-2015 Service Member


Tristan Odekirk

Tristan grew up in Little Rock with two older brothers. His favorite pass time was exploring various over-grown wilderness spots in the Little Rock city limits, which instilled a love of nature and exploration. He studied math and physics at the University of Central Arkansas because of the challenge and exploration these subjects offered through rigorous analysis. Tristan also has an interest in public service and would like to direct his focus on community endeavors. Arkansas Garden Corps serves as an ideal means of exploring all of these interests. Tristan’s current plans involve applying to graduate school in engineering with an emphasis towards community development/organization practices. His other interests include education, agriculture, geology, music, and art.

Success Story

"Possibly my favorite moment this month was seeing a twelve year old girl lift a sledge hammer and smash rocks for the foundation of our cobb shed. During the youth retreat she was the only youth who signed up to work with the gardens in the afternoon. She began work by saying, "I like the country and working in the farm. It makes me feel different." Since it was only the girl, one of the cabin chaperones, and myself working, I decided to do something more interesting, which led to us teaching the girl how to use the sledgehammer using proper posture and safety gear. She ended the day after destroying ten large stones and left eager to brag about being small but powerful."

- Tristan Odekirk, Camp Mitchell Camp and Retreat Center Service Member