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Feed Communities is an incorporated 501(c)(3) organization founded with the vision of supporting and expanding local food systems as a means of cultivating durable solutions for food insecurity.  

We work with individuals, organizations, local government and foundations to create sustainable partnerships for increasing access to healthy foods. We facilitate food system efficiencies by preventing the duplication of similar services, supporting our program partners who are already doing great work and then identifying potential program partners to fill in any gaps as needed.

The Samaritan Community Center is a nonprofit community service organization that has become a vital resource to Northwest Arkansas neighbors experiencing economic, emotional and spiritual distress.

On any given day the waiting rooms in our Springdale and Rogers centers are filled to capacity with clients - young and old, employed and unemployed, healthy and sick, married and single - many of whom have never before asked for personal assistance. Through our lunch cafes, food markets, resale stores, health clinic and kids programs, our staff and volunteers freely give unconditional love and assistance to anyone who walks through our doors.

For many who visit our centers, the most important thing offered is hope - something that is as individual as the clients we serve. For some hope comes in the form of a hot meal, or having a snackpack of food handed to them as they leave school each Friday, or sacks of groceries to help fill empty cupboards. For others it's a smile and a hug. And for many of our clients, hope is simply spending time in an environment where they are not judged but are loved and helped unconditionally.

2017 - 2018 Service Member


Bethany Douglas

Bethany was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio.  She received a bachelors degree in English from a small state school in Ohio in 2015.  She joined Arkansas GardenCorps while living in San Diego and moved to serve with this organization. Bethany is excited to become more acquainted with gardening and nonprofit organizations.

2013-2014 Service Member

Jonathan McArthur

With his background in Horticulture from the University of Arkansas, Jonathan McArthur is seeking to establish a garden for the Samaritan Community Center in Rogers, Arkansas. The garden is intended to further the sustainability initiatives of both the SCC and Feeding Communities. Jonathan believes locally grown produce can encompass all forms of sustainability. Not only does he plan to involve volunteers, but also hopes to empower people to garden, to impart beneficial knowledge and to bring together individuals from different backgrounds that share a common desire.


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