Waves of Prayer

Waves of Prayer is a 501(c)3 serving predominantly African-American and Hispanic farm workers in south Phillips County, most of whom live below the poverty level.  They have 1/2 acre of greens and three cactus gardens totaling 1/8 acre, but plan to expand to include sweet potatoes, okra, purple-hulled peas, and tomatoes.  The crops are free for the picking as their way of introducing healthy foods to the community.  In addition to donating the produce, they plan to begin selling some and become a major Sweet Potato Pie sales outlet. Cactus will also be harvested for sale as they increase education on edible cactus.  Waves of Prayer's primary educational target populations are the 200 young people in the Summer Feeding Program in Lake View and Elaine and the 200 families participating in Free Food Distribution, which receives food from the Delta Food Bank and Arkansas Food Bank.  

2017 - 2018 Service Member

James White

James White is committed to improving the quality of life for the area in which he was born, grew up, graduated from high school, and raised his children.  Throughout his life he has worked on farms, been a thriving business man and disc jockey, and is known as a community volunteer and village-dad to all the children in the area.  He has plowed family gardens for many in the area and is growing cactus to teach people the nutritional value of eating cactus.  In the vast Delta, he is offering free, fresh vegetables to show that if planted and shielded from crop dusters, gardens can survive and produce healthy foods.