Job Shadowing for Adults
(18 years and older who have completed high school)

The job shadowing program at Arkansas Children's Hospital for adults offers an online training education course and shadowing experience for individuals interested in learning about a specific area of health care. Individuals will be able to indicate their area of interest on the job shadowing application, and we will do our best to match you (potentially up to 5 days of shadowing experience for adults, and then up to 30 days of shadowing experience for physicians or medical students). Individuals will have the opportunity to experience the hospital setting as well as some of the duties performed by the healthcare worker; however, job shadowers/observers will not be permitted to take part in direct patient care.

Dress Code

Observers at Arkansas Children's Hospital are expected to maintain an appearance of professionalism.

  • Appropriate clothing includes pants/slacks, long skirts, dresses, blouses/shirts, and closed-toed shoes. Inappropriate clothing includes jeans, shorts, mini-skirts, tank-tops and sandals/flip-flops.
  • All clothing must be appropriately fitted so you do not reveal skin when bending or reaching. Please do not wear clothes that inappropriately expose skin, including midriff tops and shirts with low necklines.
  • Aside from earrings, jewelry may not be worn in any visible body piercing.
  • Please do not use perfume, cologne or aftershave as patients are ill and may be sensitive to such products.
  • Please do not chew gum and remember that Arkansas Children's Hospital is a smoke-free campus - therefore, use of tobacco products is prohibited.


Arkansas Children's Hospital is happy to offer this job shadow program and want our participants to have a positive learning experience. Please remember that as a job shadow participant, you will be a guest and will be expected to act in a courteous and respectful manner.

Arkansas Children's Hospital is a non-smoking facility. This means that smoking is not permitted on the campus.


On the day(s) of your shadowing experience, you should park in the visitor lots located directly in front of the hospital's main entrance.

Miscellaneous Information

During your job shadowing experience, you will not need a purse, backpack, mobile phone or MP3 player. Please lock all of these items in the trunk of your car or leave them at home.

If you are interested in applying for our shadowing program, please click here to complete the application. Please note that all documents and requirements must be completed before submitting the application.

Please view our Frequently Asked Questions.