Training & Development

At Arkansas Children’s we provide many different opportunities for our team members to participate in training and development. These include clinical, non-clinical, classroom, online, and blended-learning approaches. Each team member is afforded time away from their workstation or department to fully engage and participate in these sessions. Supervisory, management and leadership development training are offered as well.

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Team members experience the hospital’s culture first hand during our Employee Orientation programs.


Through CHAMPIONS FOR CHILDREN, new team members experience the culture, service and behavior standards through interactive exercises and presentations. New employees learn how important their commitment to the vision and their teamwork are in the overall success of the hospital. Our new nurses also participate in Professional Nursing Orientation (PNO), which is a two-day interactive orientation program followed by area-specific EPIC training.

Departmental and Job Specific Orientation

Each department has an orientation program to assist a new team member with developing an understanding of their work area and developing confidence in taking on their newly assigned job responsibilities.

Tuition Assistance 

Arkansas Children's provides assistance to employees for completing educational degrees and professional certifications.

Leadership Development 

Arkansas Children's promotes leadership development through the offering of Achieve Global, DDI and ACH developed training modules. These modules focus on competency development in seven key areas: Leading, Standards and Accountability, Planning and Decision Making, Communication, Developing People, Managing Relationships, and External Awareness, and Performance Management. 

Online Education 

Pediatric Learning Solutions is an online educational tool, which provides information, courses, and continuing education opportunities for Arkansas Children's employees. All courses are developed in collaboration with industry and subject matter experts from children’s hospitals and the Children’s Hospital Association. Content is updated regularly to ensure the best available evidence is guiding clinician practice. The PLS system is used to standardize information that is key to delivering seamless, safe, quality care for pediatric patients. In addition to using courses developed by the PLS instructional design team, Arkansas Children's staff use Articulate Storyline software and the ACU Course Request Tool to design and develop hospital-specific modules that are housed in the Arkansas Children’s U (ACU) learning management system. Today, Arkansas Children's has a robust online course catalog with over 1200 computer-based training courses available for staff development.

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Arkansas Children's is a member of the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. We are the only Schwartz Center Healthcare Member in Arkansas with over 430 additional members in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Visit the Schwartz Center website for additional information