SimBaby Manikin

The SimBaby Manikin has an anatomical realistic airway that allows accurate simulation of all relevant infant airway management and patient care scenarios.

  • The airway is compatible with most techniques and devices, including LMA and endotracheal intubation. The anatomy can be dynamically changed to represent conditions like tongue edema, pharyngeal swelling, and laryngospasms.
  • Realistic infant breathing patterns and complications bring realism to the simulation experience.
  • SimBaby can simulate a wide range of spontaneous breathing patterns including variable rate and depth, and complications like subcostal retractions and see-saw breathing. The instructor can modify both the lung compliance and the airway resistance.
  • Critical conditions like tension pneumothorax can also be simulated and managed through needle thoracentesis and chest tube insertion. A range of relevant lung sounds is available to make the scenario complete. During hypoxic conditions, the SimBaby will present cyanosis in the mouth region.

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SimBaby simulates relevant circulation features

  • The instructor may choose from a range of cardiac rhythms, which will be presented as 3 or 12-lead readings on the simulated patient monitor. Heart sounds can be selected from a wide selection and auscultated on the chest.
  • The blood pressure can be adjusted and measured manually by pulse palpation and auscultation of Korotkoff's sounds. The pulse is synchronized with the ECG and BP and can be palpated in several locations. SimBaby also allows for live defibrillation, pacing, and synchronized cardioversion.
  • SimBaby has IV-arm and bilateral IV/IO legs which allows peripheral access. These can be connected to reservoirs to allow for volume infusion and blood sampling.

Additional features

  • The instructor can simulate consciousness, spasms or respond to stimuli through a variable degree of torso movement.
  • SimBaby has interchangeable pupils with three different pupil sizes.
  • Assessment and treatment protocol for excess pressure in the skull can be practiced through actual distention of the fontanel.
  • SimBaby can produce a range of preprogrammed vocal sounds like crying and coughing to support the simulation scenario.