Champions for Children Nomination Form

This Award recognizes those exceptional Champions for Children who consistently exceed expectations in delivering safety, teamwork, compassion and excellence at Arkansas Children’s. This recognition is for those individuals/team who by their daily actions embodies our values and attitudes/personality traits and have raised the standards of excellence.

Arkansas Children's Values

Our values are organizational principles that highlight our regard for each other and those who we serve. 


Impact on Behavior


Vigilant about creating an error-free environment for patients, families and team members.


Demonstrate actionable care and concern for patients, families and team members.


Coordinate, communicate, cooperate and collaborate to ensure the highest level of service for our patients, families and team members.


Achieve the highest of standards and serve with distinction in order to be the best we can be.

Arkansas Children's Personality Traits

Our personality traits capture what makes Arkansas Children’s distinct and different.


Impact on Experience


Defined by ingenious teamwork, creative communications and a welcoming environment in order to capture the hearts and minds of our patients and their families.


Delivering the right approach at the right time in the right way for the children we serve.

Insatiable Curiosity

Foster an environment of discovery and delight, with a focus on continuously improving and constantly benchmarking. Valuing candid conversations and a questioning attitude.

Unyielding Commitment

Have a relentless dedication to fulfilling Arkansas Children’s mission as our promise to the children and families we serve.


Instructions: Please review the required Nomination Criteria and Nomination Process to nominate an employee or team. Submit the form below and forward all documentation to the Employee Relation Specialist. Nominations must be received by the stipulated deadline set each year.


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