Simulation Education Center Facilities

Clinical Exam Rooms

The Simulation Education Center has four clinical exam rooms that look just like a typical exam room found in any physician's office. However, the exam rooms are also outfitted with one-way glass, pan/tilt video cameras and audio monitoring equipment to enable professors and trainers to evaluate students' interaction with standardized patients.

Observation Rooms

Adjacent to each exam room is an observation room that allows direct, real-time, yet unobtrusive evaluation of standardized patient encounters.

Simulation Theaters

The Simulation Education Center has two fully-equipped medical simulation theaters for use with the SimBaby and SimMan manikins. The theaters are controlled by a central simulation control center where our simulation specialist can create a variety of scenarios to help medical students, emergency responders, nursing students and other health care professionals further develop their skills in a controlled environment.

Debriefing Rooms

The Simulation Education Center has two debriefing rooms for post-simulation meetings. These high-tech meeting rooms feature widescreen televisions and fully networked video playback systems to allow for a full breakdown of the simulation and additional teaching related to what happened in the simulation. Trainers and observers can even watch the simulation unfold on the television through the closed-circuit video system.

Simulation Central

The Simulation Theaters are driven by a simulation specialist that controls the manikins and the scenarios to be carried out in the simulation experience. This control room allows the simulation specialist to monitor the simulation manikins and change the scenario in real time as the training happens.

For more information about the Simulation Education Center, call us at 501-364-7899.