Youth Advisory Council

At Arkansas Children's, our goal is to provide patient and family-centered care. One of the best ways to do this is by listening to what our patients and their families have to say.

That's why we have the Youth Advisory Council (YAC). YAC consists of teen patients and patients' siblings from all parts of Arkansas. YAC provides guidance on issues related to patient and family centered care.

Purpose of YAC:

  • Give teen patients (ages 14 – 18) and teen siblings of these patients a forum to voice their thoughts, ideas, share concerns and make recommendations regarding Arkansas Children's new and current programs, policies, environment, and overall care
  • Provide an opportunity for teen members to develop and practice self-advocacy skills

YAC Activities and Accomplishments:

The Youth Advisory Committee has been active in many hospital initiatives such as:

  • Promoting streaming media (i.e. Netflix) availability for patients and families
  • Patient Safety
  • Facilities Design
  • Patient Care Initiatives
  • Wayfinding

For more information on ways to volunteer at Arkansas Children's, please visit the Volunteer Section of our website.

Youth Advisory Council Application - ***Deadline is May 15th