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Clinical Trials Day: Celebrating the Power of Discovery

May 20, 2019

Every May, we celebrate Clinical Trials Day to recognize what is considered to be the anniversary of the first randomized clinical trial. The trial was conducted by James Lind aboard a naval ship in May 1747 to study the effects of citrus on scurvy. A clinical trial is a research study that allows volunteers to receive treatment with a drug or device currently under research testing by a pharmaceutical or biotechnology company. These companies carefully select qualified physicians who serve as "investigators” to lead the study trials. Today, clinical trials are essential to improving medical knowledge and practice. 

At the Arkansas Children's Research Institute, more than 140 clinical research projects are in progress. We offer numerous opportunities to participate in studies, and more than 6,300 participants have volunteered in more than 950 clinical research projects since ACRI was founded in 1989. By participating in research at Arkansas Children's, your child and family contribute to scientific discoveries that lead to new and improved ways to care for children. Click here to browse our current open clinical trials.

Thanks to medical research, Carre is now ready to live independently with a severe food allergy. Watch her story below.

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