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FB Live: Safety Baby Series Part 1

January 17, 2020

We are champions for children even before they are born. This includes making sure that our moms-to-be are ready to raise their child in a safe environment. Every month, Lessa Payne, infant mortality prevention coordinator with the Injury Prevention Center hosts a safety baby shower at Arkansas Children's in Little Rock.

It’s a typical baby shower with snacks and gifts, but the theme is all about safety. Lessa talks about safe sleep, the period of purple crying, making sure your home is baby-proof and car seat safety. We have taken the lessons she teaches in the safety baby shower and made a safety baby series on Facebook Live.

The first Facebook Live episode focuses on the period of purple crying and shaken baby syndrome. Learn simple tips to help your baby stop crying, why they cry for long periods and the other life-saving tips.

For more information about the safety baby shower, call 501-364-3400.

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