14 Years of Age and Older

Safer Teen Driving

Driving means FREEDOM to teens. While learning to drive is a big step toward becoming an adult, keep in mind that teens are not yet adults. New teen drivers need time and practice to be safe behind the wheel. In Arkansas, teens die in car crashes at a higher rate than the United States as a whole. We can protect teens and others on the road by guiding teens through a step-by-step approach to safer driving. Arkansas has a graduated driver licensing (GDL) law that limits nighttime driving, restricts cell phone use and limits the number of passengers allowed for teen drivers.

Safer Teen Driving Coalition

The Safer Teen Driving coalition includes members in the fields of education, health care, law enforcement, insurance, safety and parent advocacy. The members work together to reduce injury and death for teen drivers. Through the efforts of this coalition, the Injury Prevention Center offers safer teen driving programs targeting teens, parents and law enforcement.

Arkansas Drive Smart Challenge

The Arkansas Drive Smart Challenge is a youth led program where schools compete to demonstrate safe driving behaviors such wearing seat belts and not using cell phones. Supported by The Allstate Foundation in Pulaski County and FedEx Freight in northern Arkansas, teens in the Drive Smart Challenge educate their peers through interactive school activities. The teens also provide outreach to parents and relay messages from law enforcement. Activities are documented in scrapbooks and on the Drive Smart Challenge Facebook page.

Helpful Resources for Parents & Caregivers


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Buckle up. For life.
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Buckle up. For life. It only takes a minute.
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