Public Relations Policies

Public Relations is available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST, to schedule interviews, provide condition reports and arrange media visits to the hospital. Call 501-364-4300 for assistance. For condition reports after hours and on weekends or holidays, call the main hospital at 501-364-1100 and ask the operator to page the Marketing & Communications staff member on call.

To best manage media requests, Arkansas Children’s Hospital has established the following media guidelines:

  • Contact Marketing & Communications to arrange all interviews with ACH patients, staff and physicians.
  • Advance notice for on-site interviews is necessary so Marketing & Communications staff can arrange a room for media interviews or photo shoots, notify the patient care areas involved and schedule the appropriate patients, families and/or staff.
  • To protect the privacy of all ACH patients and families, a Marketing & Communications staff member must accompany all reporters, film crews and photographers on campus.
  • No photographs of, or interviews with, patients can be made without the signed consent of a parent or legal guardian, which will be obtained only by an Marketing & Communications staff member.
  • In the event that Arkansas Children’s Hospital will receive patients due to an external disaster (i.e. act of terrorism, plane crash, explosion, chemical spill, multiple vehicle accident, etc.), a media center will be set up on the ACH campus. Contact Marketing & Communications at 501-364-4300 or 501-364-1100 to find out where the center has been established.