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Angel One Helps Save Dyer's Life

May 22, 2016

 Dyer Bailey took a small tumble from bed one evening. When it happened, his family never imagined they’d be spending the next few weeks of their lives at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Find out how the Baileys coped during weekly updates of Dyer’s Journey to Healing. Dyer’s medical team at Arkansas Children’s Hospital developed a plan for treating the 3-year-old’s cervical spine fracture. The family drew on patience and prayers as they waited to find out what would happen next. With his neck brace removed, Dyer was able to turn his neck, marking a milestone on his journey. He soon started physical therapy. Now he’s back to being a full-force “wild man,” according to his mom, Janessa. He recently visited the Angel One transport helicopter that helped save his life.

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