Neonatal CPR Information

Who needs to take CPR?

  • It is recommended that any caregiver of an infant born at less than 37 weeks take infant CPR prior to discharge.
  • Any parent or caregiver whose baby is going home on oxygen with a home monitor. Include anyone who is going to care for the baby.
  • Any parent or caregiver whose baby has a tracheostomy.
  • Any parent or caregiver who wants to take the course.

How do we register for the course?

When you check in with the receptionist at the main entrance, you may sign up for CPR.

Do I need anything before the course?

Please ask for a CPR booklet when you sign up for the class. This will help you prepare for the class.

How often is the class offered?

Three times per week, see the receptionist at the main entrance for the schedule.

How long does the course take?

Usually, 45 min to 1 hour depending on the number of people in the class.

What will I learn during the course?

Steps to take if your baby stops breathing or your baby's heart stops beating. You will also learn what to do if the baby is choking.

What if I forget how to perform CPR?

Each family is given a CPR kit to take home. Each kit has a doll, DVD and extra supplies so you can practice anytime.

Will I get a certificate?

No, to be certified you must take a complete course offered by the American Heart Association.