Estimate of Service Costs

We can help you calculate your covered and non-covered expense. Arkansas Children’s offers the services of financial counselors and customer service representatives to patients who need help estimating their insurance-covered and out-of-pocket expenses for a wide range of medical and surgical procedures, including imaging, before they receive treatment at one of our hospitals or clinics.

Accessing the service is quick and convenient. One of our financial counselors will ask you about your insurance and the medical procedure in question – then provide you with an estimate of the procedure’s cost, as well as payment options.

To speak to a customer service representative, call 501-364-2500 or toll-free 1-800-280-1230, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Voicemail is available for after-hours or weekend calls.

When you request an appointment for health care, a Financial Counselor Representative may call you to complete a pre-service review to confirm that we have accurate billing insurance information and demographic information. Our Financial Counselors will work with uninsured patients to find possible insurance coverage, go over benefits, set up payment plans, or offer financial assistance. For insured patients, the Financial Counselor and or the pre-registration team will contact your insurance company to verify eligibility, estimate your balance due, and receive pre-certification and authorization for your upcoming visit.

After your health insurance company has paid its portion of your visit, we will send you monthly statement(s) for the amount that you owe. We will contact you to remind you of your balance, and you will be expected to pay your balance in full, set up a payment plan or apply for financial assistance.

If you believe you have an emergency medical condition and request services in one of our emergency departments, you will receive appropriate emergency medical care regardless of your inability to pay.

Before non-emergency services are delivered or after emergency conditions have been stabilized, a financial service representative may visit you or call to address any concerns.