Angel One® Transport Vehicles

Angel One operates a fleet of six vehicles including 4 ground ambulances and 2 Sikorsky S-76 C+ helicopters. Angel One has contracted on-demand fixed wing (airplane) providers available for long distance transports.

Call Angel One Toll-Free: 1-800-224-4357

Ground Ambulance

Angel One operates four ground ambulances that function as mobile intensive care units, providing critical-care medical transport specifically for pediatric and neonatal patients. These ambulances were developed specifically for Angel One and include the ability to transport two isolettes, Mobile ECMO, and more. The ambulances are equipped with the latest in safety equipment.


In September 2002, we took delivery of two new Sikorsky S-76 C+ aircraft. These aircraft are state of the art and designed for accessibility of the crew to the patient as well as the ease of flying with the addition of a glass cockpit. These helicopters make it possible to fly in adverse weather conditions utilizing Instrument Flight Rules. This feature increases our ability to reach critically-ill patients when the weather would normally prevent helicopter transport. These Sikorsky helicopters also allow us to transport multiple patients at one time. As a strong effort to make our patients as comfortable as possible, each helicopter includes a DVD player for children who are able to watch. This distraction helps to calm any fears or anxieties which might be exasperated by flight. Many times, the patients are enthralled in the movie at take-off, then lulled quickly to sleep by the vibrations of the aircraft.