Your Visit to the Audiology Department

Coming to the Appointment

On the date of your Audiology appointment, you will check in at the Audiology department waiting area on the 2nd Floor of Arkansas Children’s Hospital in the South Wing. You will sign in at a kiosk and a receptionist will call you over to complete your registration. Once you are registered, an audiologist will call you from the waiting room to the Audiology Clinic.

For an appointment at Arkansas Children’s Northwest, you will enter the first floor of the hospital, check in at security for clearance, and then proceed to admissions.  After checking in, you will be directed to take the elevator to the third floor where you will check in with the outpatient reception desk staff who finish the check-in process and direct you to the waiting area.

During the Evaluation

At Arkansas Children's, we value parent involvement and strive to provide the most comfortable setting for our evaluations. We encourage the parents to accompany the child to the examination room to make the child feel more at ease.

During the audiological evaluation, the audiologist will obtain background information and other relevant information pertaining to your child. The audiologist will perform the appropriate hearing screening/evaluation tools and/or check of equipment, depending on the individual child’s needs. This will also depend upon whether it is an initial appointment or a follow-up appointment for your child.

Your child may also be seeing an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialist or receiving a speech and language evaluation, in conjunction with the audiology appointment. You should receive prior notice if your child is scheduled for a speech and language evaluation or with the ENT Clinic. The audiologist will coordinate audiological findings with the ENT physician and/or speech-language pathologist.

Following the Evaluation

Following the appointment, the parents can expect to receive a full informational session with the audiologist about their child’s audiological testing and/or amplification equipment. The examiner’s contact information will be given, should the family have any questions regarding the information.