Child Life and Education Staff

Certified Child Life Specialists acquaint children and families with the hospital prior to admission, prepare children for medical tests, procedures and surgeries, provide structured play opportunities to promote normal growth and development and incorporate medical play experiences to enhance the child's understanding of medical events. 

Certified Teachers of the Hospital School Program ensure the continuation of the child's education. 

Patient Activity Specialists supervise playroom sessions, coordinate games and activities, special events and visitors for children and teens. They also provide bedside activities for patients who are medically unable to leave their room. 


Arkansas Children's has two artists-in-residence. Hamid Ebrahimifar and Elizabeth Weber are funded by an In-School-Residency (ISR) Grant from the Arkansas Arts Council. The ISR artists facilitate art projects that support the core curriculum, both in the classroom setting and at the bedside. Both artists educate patients and families about the process of art, while at the same time teaching them that, despite an injury, illness or disability, they can be successful at art.