C.O.A.C.H. Program FAQs

Q: Will I be on a diet?

A: Our program will not place a patient on a specific diet. Our program is customized to individual needs. We will NOT use meal substitutes, drinks, or diet pills. We work with the individual and family to improve food and drink choices, exercises, and behaviors by educating on preferences and setting short-term goals.

Q: How are follow-up appointments scheduled?

A: Patients are seen by a physician on their first visit to the C.O.A.C.H. clinic and then followed by a member of the ACCENT team until the last visit. Our team works closely with the family to develop a schedule based on their needs, situation and progress.

  • 1st Visit - M.D.
  • 2nd Visit- ACCENT Team
  • 3rd Visit- ACCENT Team
  • 4th Visit- ACCENT Team
  • 5th Visit- ACCENT Team
  • 6th Visit- M.D. Follow Up (~6 months post initial visit)