Complex Care Programs & Services

Children with complex medical conditions generally have multiple diagnoses and may require treatment from a wide range of providers. In addition, they may need support from service organizations over an extended period of time. At Arkansas Children’s in Little Rock, Arkansas, we create a multidisciplinary team approach with our comprehensive range of services and specialties to provide excellence for outpatient care with ongoing support for patients and their families.

Coordination across the Continuity of Care

Our coordination of care begins with the creation of an Individual Health Plan (IHP) that identifies comprehensive medical and developmental needs. This plan is provided to the family and serves as a comprehensive care plan addressing your child’s specific needs. At each visit, our team updates the IHP, and shares with all care team members. We can also provide the plan and updates to other community physicians. Between visits, our team is available to assist with care coordination and appointment scheduling.

By serving as a centralized point of contact in both outpatient settings, the complex care team streamlines communications among specialists, primary care physicians, home care agencies, educational institutions and primary caregivers. We also provide connections with community-based resources such as home care companies, schools, daycare, state agencies, and families to maximize the quality of life for children with special health care needs.

Complex Care Services and Treatments

The complex care team at Arkansas Children’s works closely with families, caregivers and community providers to coordinate care and provide personalized treatment services. This includes:

  • Development of a comprehensive care plan
  • Creating an individualized nutrition plan and feeding schedule
  • Addressing oral and texture aversion issues
  • Monitoring growth and development
  • Identification, enrollment and monitoring of progress in development therapies
  • Ongoing psychological and social support
  • Arranging home health care and respite care