Refer a Patient to the Epilepsy Program

At Arkansas Children’s, we know that a child’s primary care physician has the best understanding of each child’s individual health history, including growth and development milestones. If your patient needs diagnosis or treatment for any disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, including specialized epilepsy care, our team is here to help. With specially trained epileptologists and skilled neurosurgeons, if surgical intervention is the right treatment option, our team is here to assist in short-term or long-term care management.  

Accepting Referrals to the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program at Arkansas Children’s

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Program accepts patients through a physician referral. If you would like to learn more about our services for epilepsy care, please contact call our Arkansas Children's Appointment Center to make a referral at 501-364-4000. Please find more information about patient referrals through our Healthcare Professionals section.