Bleeding disorder treatments aim to keep your child healthy, safe and free from complications. We provide:

  • Clinical management
  • Laboratory evaluation
  • Factor replacement
  • Comprehensive evaluation by specialists (such as orthopedists)
  • Physical therapy

We’ll work with you to create the best treatment plan for your child’s specific type of bleeding disorder.

Get help paying for treatments

We participate in the federal the 340B Pharmacy Program The 340B Pharmacy Program lets Arkansas Children’s purchase hemophilia factor replacements at reduced prices. When you enroll in the program, the factor replacement is delivered to your home.

All revenues from the program are invested back into the care and treatments we provide, such as:

  • Patient services
  • Care coordination
  • Research

Participation in the 340B Pharmacy Program lets us continue to grow and expand the Arkansas Center for Bleeding Disorders and the programs we offer to our patients.

Clinical Trials

Your child may also be able to take part in a clinical trial for hemophilia or another bleeding disorder. We are currently participating in several different trials. Talk with your child’s doctor to find out if he or she child can benefit from one of these studies.

  • American Thrombosis and Hemophilia Network (ATHN). We are a participating hemophilia treatment center in the ATHN, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by bleeding and clotting disorders. We participate in various registry studies, such as:
    • My Life, Our Future. This is a biology/registry study that offers free genotyping to patients and their families.
    • Community Counts. The Community Counts project is gathering data to learn more about patients with bleeding and clotting disorders at hemophilia treatment centers nationwide. The goal is to increase knowledge of inhibitors and other complications, reduce and prevent them from happening, and ultimately improve the quality of life for people with bleeding disorders. The project is led by the American Thrombosis and Hemophilia Network (ATHN) in partnership with the U.S. Hemophilia Treatment Center Network and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Study of extended half-life factor in newly diagnosed patients. This is an open-label, multicenter evaluation of the safety and efficacy of recombinant coagulation factor VIII Fc fusion protein in the prevention and treatment of bleeding in previously untreated patients with severe Hemophilia A.
  • EINSTEIN Junior Phase II: oral rivaroxaban in children with venous thrombosis. This is a 30-day, open-label, active-controlled, randomized study of the safety, efficacy and the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of oral rivaroxaban in children with various manifestations of venous thrombosis.