Patient Stories 

Brinlee Bean 

Brinlee is an energetic 4-year-old from Kirby, Arkansas. She loves to play outside with her dogs Molly and Bella, and tend to the cows with her parents. Just a typical little girl growing up on a farm. Except Brinlee is anything but typical.
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Jose Mendoza

Jose Mendoza likes playing soccer, texting on his phone and attending Springdale High School with his friends. He’s a regular teenager who has faced extraordinary obstacles. Jose is blind and is the only one in his family who speaks English. Yet, he doesn’t let anything stop or slow him down, including a new kidney.
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Reagan Brown

Reagan Brown has a family history of kidney disease. So on a routine medical check-up, her mom and doctor discussed family history and decided to check her kidneys. The test came back abnormal. After more tests, Reagan was diagnosed with Stage 3 renal failure at age 11.
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Ruby Peeler

Ruby Peeler recently underwent a kidney transplant at Arkansas Children's. Thanks to organ donation, Ruby is celebrating with the kidney transplant team and is now ready to go home. Arkansas Children's is the only certified program in the state approved to perform kidney transplants in children. Watch the video of Ruby celebrating her kidney transplant at Arkansas Children's!