Skilled Neurophysiology Team Provides the Highest Level of Care

Families have enough to manage when a child needs specialized care. That’s why the pediatric neurophysiology team at Arkansas Children’s delivers a personal, high-quality experience tailored to each patient and their family.  

As the only pediatric Neuroscience Center in Arkansas, our skilled neurophysiology specialists are part of a multidisciplinary neurological team. Together, we have the expertise to diagnose, treat and monitor a wide range of neurological conditions — from headaches to seizures, from common to the most complex. No matter the condition, we work collaboratively to deliver seamless, compassionate care.

Neurophysiology Monitoring Expertise at Arkansas Children’s 

Our neurophysiology team has the skill to expertly monitor nerve and brain activity for your child – because we have the experience and specialized training needed. Advanced certifications of our team include:

  • Neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring (CNIM®)
  • Registered electroencephalographic technologist (R.EEG.T)
  • Electroencephalographic technologist (EEG.T)

Meet Our Neurophysiology Experts

With the experience and expertise for the most comprehensive neurophysiology care, our team includes: 

  • Tracy Tackett CNIM, R.EEG.T
  • Patricia Wilmot CNIM, R.EEG.T
  • Shannon Pierson R.EEG.T
  • MariClaire Eckert R.EEG.T
  • Lynette Lanphere R.EEG.T
  • Kim Hale EEG.T
  • Noah Slabodnick EEG.T
  • Diana Jackson EEG.T
  • Tamesha Culey EEG.T
  • Chris Sharp EEG.T
  • Colby Perry EEG,T
  • Ryan Matthews EEG.T
  • Delarius Hunter EEG.T
  • Demetrius Tadros EEG.T

To schedule an appointment, please call the appointment center at 501-364-4000.