Specialized Otolaryngology (ENT) Treatments 

At Arkansas Children’s, our expert otolaryngologists are highly skilled at providing advanced care and treatment for many conditions of the ear, nose and throat. Your child’s doctor will discuss treatment options with you and will work with you to develop the best care plan for your child. Our areas of treatment expertise include:

  • Ear tubes. We surgically place ear tubes in children with repeated ear infections or hearing loss due to ear infections. We use precise technology to carefully locate the ear tubes to that they improve fluid drainage from the ears and prevent infections. Pressure equalization tube placement is one of the most common procedures in children.
  • Removal of tonsils and adenoids. When a child endures chronic cases of strep throat, tonsillitis and adenoiditis, removing the infected tissues (tonsillectomy) can help reduce infection and improve a child’s overall health.
  • Sinus/nasal surgery. Sometimes sinus infections keep returning, despite the use of antibiotics (sinusitis). Often this is because of a narrow drainage system from the sinuses. Sinus or nasal surgery widens this pathway and removes blockages. This prevents fluid build up and allows for more efficient medicine delivery directly to sinus and nasal tissues.
  • Cleft Lip and Palate Care. The Cleft Lip and Palate Program at Arkansas Children's Hospital incorporates an interdisciplinary team, with each member specialized in pediatric care. The goal of the team is to ensure that care is provided in a coordinated, consistent manner with the proper sequencing of evaluations and treatments within the framework of the child's overall developmental, medical and psychological needs.
  • Medical-surgical management of vascular lesions. Vascular anomalies and hemangiomas can sometimes be difficult to treat, depending on the specific type of blood vessels involved and their location. We use the most advanced technologies to remove, repair and minimize these lesions to restore function and appearance.
  • Feeding and swallowing disorders. Our multidisciplinary otolaryngology team is highly skilled in treatments and therapies to correct and improve a child’s ability to feed and swallow.
  • Airway and hearing disorders. If your child has airway or hearing disorders, our ENT specialists can perform the most advanced surgeries and other procedures to correct abnormalities. This can improve hearing and your child’s ability to form speech and acquire language.