About Your Pain Clinic Visit

When visiting with the Pediatric Pain Clinic families should expect a comprehensive visit where we will learn all about your child and family. We will understand how the pain is affecting your whole child, not just the painful area. We will ask questions about school, sleep, mood and behavior in addition to traditional medical questions. A new patient appointment usually takes 2-3 hours.

A new patient can expect to see a physician, a pediatric psychologist and a nurse at each visit. You may also be seen by a physical therapist, occupation therapist, social worker, child life specialist or pharmacist.

Pain Questionnaire

Once a referral has been received, the parent or guardian must
complete and return the age-appropriate questionnaire

Questionnaires should be faxed to 501-364-2939, Attention: Carolyn Martin, RN. 
Mailed to:
Chronic Pain Management, Attention: Carolyn Martin, RN
1 Children’s Way, Slot 203,
Little Rock, Arkansas 72202.