Radiology Department

We provide a variety of medical imaging services for newborns, infants, children, teenagers, young adults and pregnant women (MRI fetal exams).

Our expert pediatric radiology team fulfills more than 120,000 imaging studies each year, using the latest equipment and techniques specially designed or adapted for use with children.

We provide individualized care to our patients and families. Our pediatric radiologists, registered technologists, and registered nurses all work together with other pediatric specialists to provide your child with the best experience while in Radiology.  

Why choose Arkansas Children’s for your imaging studies?

Special care and pediatric specialty expertise: We provide special care so that each patient can have the highest quality images and the most accurate diagnoses. Our radiologists specialize in the imaging of pediatric diseases.

Advanced technology: We have the most sophisticated imaging equipment available and are constantly developing and investing in cutting-edge technology. All of our equipment is specially designed in a way that makes your child comfortable and safe.

Safety: Some types of imaging studies require the use of radiation. We tailor our equipment and procedures to keep radiation exposure as low as possible to achieve the best high-quality images, using Image Gently® guidelines. We are the pediatric imaging experts of Arkansas. In the USA we are known as one of the leading experts in low dose radiation techniques for children. In some cases, we can avoid radiation altogether by using other imaging methods such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Environment: Our fun decor, knowledgeable staff and dedicated child life specialists help make your child's experience as enjoyable as possible. Age-appropriate distraction techniques such as video goggles, music and lighting, are used to help ease anxiety.

Pediatric sedation and anesthesia: A team of experts, including a pediatric anesthesiologist, may provide sedation or anesthesia if needed. This team will ensure the safety and comfort of our patients.

We offer imaging services in various cities across the state.