Sleep Disorders Center Services

Sleep Disorder Center's Inpatient Services

During an inpatient stay, a consultation with the Sleep Center may be obtained. This includes a visit of the patient by the Sleep Team physician/ APN and possibly the nurse. After assessing the child’s history and completing a physical examination, a diagnostic and treatment plan will be devised. This may include recommendations for labwork, portable studies and/or polysomnography in the Sleep Lab. Results from the lab/studies will be communicated to the physician that ordered the consultation.

Sleep Disorder Center's Outpatient Services

Our clinic is available by physician referral. If you feel your child may need treatment, please talk to your child’s primary care physician and request a referral to our service. If your child does not have a primary care physician, please call 501-364-5901 and we will recommend one in your area.

An outpatient clinic visit consists of a comprehensive evaluation. A complete history from the caregiver is of utmost importance. The history will be combined with the findings of a physical exam and/or any results from x-rays and/or labwork to determine the diagnosis and make treatment recommendations. All necessary diagnostic tests are available on-site in the Sleep Disorders Center. Some of the tests can be performed the day of the consult, other tests are scheduled for a subsequent visit.