Your Visit to the Sleep Disorders Center


Arkansas Children's Hospital

What To Expect During Your Child’s Sleep Study

Your child’s doctor may request a polysomnogram (also known as a sleep study) to help determine your child’s sleep disorder.  You and your child are probably wondering what to expect. In this step-by-step video walkthrough of a sleep study, your family can follow a patient as she completes a night in the Sleep Lab. Our technicians are experienced, friendly and calm with children.  They will do everything to make your child as comfortable as possible during your stay at the Pediatric Sleep Disorders Lab. Most sleep studies are completed at night. The child and one parent arrives at 7:30 pm and finish between 6-7 am. This video will help you and your child see what will happen during the sleep study.

Family Support Services

If you're planning a visit to the Sleep Disorders Center at Arkansas Children's, let our Family Support Services help you. Services are tailored to each patient and family to address your unique needs. From assistance finding short or long-term housing, optimal scheduling of appointments, arranging transportation, meal assistance, and interpreter services - we endeavor to be there when help is needed. In addition to all the high-tech care, there are features here to make your stay more pleasant for children and parents alike.