Urology Volumes & Outcomes

Arkansas Children’s Hospital Urology Service makes it a priority to provide volumes and outcomes to our patients, families, and providers.  We track our outcomes to improve the care we provide. Our board certified, fellowship-trained Urologist performs over 1,300 operations per year and provide care for children through more than 7,500 visits for urologic treatment.

Over the past 6 years, Urology Services has performed 564 first and second-degree hypospadias surgeries with a 6.4% complication rate and 108 third-degree hypospadias surgeries with a 22.2% complication rate.

Urology Division Hypospadias Report Card

1st & 2nd Degree 3rd Degree
# of Surgeries: 564 # of Surgeries: 108
Complication %: 6.4% Complication %: 22.2%