Your Visit to the Urology Clinic 

We understand that seeking treatment for a urological disorder can be stressful. Our Urology team provides families with every resource possible to make their treatment easier. Here’s what you can expect.

If you’re visiting the Urology Clinic, you may have been referred by your child’s primary pediatrician. We will have background on your child, but will appreciate any context you can provide.

  • Before you arrive, it will be helpful to complete our standard new patient form.
  • Before leaving home, please make sure you bring a list of you or your child's (the patient's) medications including medication name, dosage and how often it's taken.
  • Before you arrive, please make sure you have your insurance card, ID and any co-pay.
  • After registering at the front desk of the Urology Clinic, you'll be asked to complete a medical history form and insurance paperwork.
  • A nurse will call you to the exam room, where height, weight and blood pressure will be taken. Your child also may be asked to urinate in a cup in a private bathroom, with your assistance if needed.
  • Then one of our urologists will meet with you to go over family health history and perform a physical, which will be gentle and non-invasive. It will include a thorough exam of your child’s abdomen, pelvis and genitals.

What if my child needs surgery?

The Division of Urology at Arkansas Children’s Hospital has repaired urological conditions for thousands of kids across the region. We provide delicate and comprehensive treatment that parents can trust.

If you think your child might need surgery, he or she will need to be evaluated by a urologist first. You can make an appointment by contacting us, or ask your pediatrician for a referral.

After evaluating your child through the Urology Clinic, our specialist will recommend the best course of treatment, which may include surgery. They will explain the benefits and risks to you, creating a plan that works best for your family.

If surgery is required, a surgery scheduler will work with you directly to arrange a date.

If you have additional questions, you can call the Urology nurses’ line directly at (501) 364-2632.