Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core

Systems Biology
Bioinformatics Core Staff
Director Stephanie Byrum, PhD (left) and Charity Washam, PhD (right)

About Us

The Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core at Arkansas Children’s Research Institute provides investigator support in experimental design, data analysis, data visualization, and highly rigorous interpretation of large, complex data sets. The core maintains state-of-the-art analytical pipelines for the advances of “omics” technologies. 

Core Location

The Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core is located on the second floor of the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute at 13 Children’s Way, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202.

Core Staff


We request that investigators acknowledge the core with the following:

“The Arkansas Children’s Research Institute’s Systems Biology Bioinformatics Core is supported by the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute, the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, and the Center for Translational Pediatric Research funded by the National Institutes of Health (P20GM121293).”