The Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a structured process that informs decision-makers about the potential health impacts of an upcoming decision, particularly when health outcomes are not otherwise considered. This HIA, conducted by the Access to Healthy Foods Research Group at Arkansas Children’s Research Institute, examined the health-related impacts of creating a State Farm to School Coordinator in Arkansas. Utilization of the Health Impact Assessment model allowed the Access to Healthy Foods Research Group with technical assistance from Upstream Public Health*, to systematically gather existing data, combine it with input from local experts and stakeholders, and analyze the findings into conclusions and recommendations for the future of farm to school in Arkansas. This Health Impact Assessment was sponsored by the Access to Healthy Foods Research Group at the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute through funding from the Arkansas Biosciences Institute, “an agricultural and medical research consortium dedicated to improving the health of Arkansans”. All opinions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Arkansas Children’s Research Institute, or the Arkansas Biosciences Institute.