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CTPR Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series

January 15, 2019 in Brandon Auditorium from 12-1pm

"Human Milk Oligosaccharides: Prebiotics and Beyond"

Lars Bode, PhD

CTPR Publications this quarter

  1. Boris Zybaylov, Galina Glazko, Yasir Rahmatallah, Dmitry Andreyev, Taylor McElroy, Oleg Karaduta, Stephanie D Byrum, Lisa Orr, Alan J Tackett, Samuel G Mackintosh, Ricky D Edmondson, Dorothy A Kieffer, Roy J Martin, Sean H Adams, Nicolas D Vaziri, & John M Arthur. Metaproteomics Reveals Potential Mechanisms By Which Dietary Resistant Starch Supplementation Attenuates Chronic Kidney Disease Progression in Rats, PLOS One (accepted)
  2. Sean C Deoni, Sean H. Adams, Xuehua Li, Thomas M. Badger, R.T. Pivik, Charles M. Glasier, Raghu H. Ramakrishnaiah, & Xiawei Ou. Caesarean Section Delivery Impacts Infant Brain Development. American Journal of Neuroradiology (accepted)
  3. Amjad Samara, Kaiyang Feng, R.T. Pivik, Kelly P. Jarrett, Thomas M. Badger, and Xiawei Ou. DTI Measured White Matter Microstructure Correlates with Memory Performance in Healthy Children, Journal of Neuroimaging (accepted)
  4. Sorena Lo, LeeAnn MacMillan-Crow, & Nirmala Parajuli. Renal cold storage followed by transplantation impairs proteasome function and subsequently mitochondrial protein homeostasis. American Journal of Physiology Renal Physiology, 2019 Jan 1, 316(1):F42-F53
  5. Amjad Samara, Xuehua Li, R.T. Pivik, Thomas M. Badger, and Xiawei Ou. Brain Activation to High-Calorie Food Images Differs in Healthy Normal Weight and Obese Children. BMC Obesity, 2018 Dec 3; 5:31.
  6. Elizabeth A Babawale, Peter JH Jones, Kelly E Mercer, Haixia Lin, Laxmi Yeruva, Fabiana Bar Yoseph, & Shane M Rutherford. Modulating Sterol Concentrations in Infant Formula Influences Cholesterol Absorption and Synthesis in the Neonatal Piglet, Nutrients, 2018 Dec 1;10(12)

Total publications since start of CTPR on 07/11/2017: 21