Easton is suffering from stage 4 cancer. It’s been one of the most heartbreaking things Sheryl has ever endured—and Easton’s not out of the woods yet. “It’s all I can do to get through the next second…the next minute…the next hour,” says Sheryl.

But in spite of the agonizing worry and fear, Sheryl is grateful for the expert, loving care Easton is receiving from the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at Arkansas Children’s.

Easton first visited ACH in the spring of 2017. He was running a fever and complaining of pain in his hips. After several visits to his pediatrician, Easton and Sheryl made the 3-hour trip from their home in Horseshoe Bend.

An MRI of his abdomen revealed a tumor … and their lives changed forever. As you can imagine, Sheryl was devastated. “It was like being punched in the stomach,” she says. “I panicked. I cried. I wanted that terrible mass out of my child as soon as possible.”

Thankfully, the pediatric surgeons at ACH were able to remove the tumor. The cancer hadn’t affected his organs, but sadly, it had spread to his bones.

At that point, Sheryl had a big decision to make about where to continue Easton’s treatment. She says, “I chose Arkansas Children’s Hospital...and I’m so glad I did.”

Sheryl has been comforted the kindness and concern of the doctors, nurses and staff.  “When you cry, they cry,” she says. “They have so much compassion and are doing the best they can to make kids healthy.”

Easton calls ACH “my hospital home.” And the expert care the hospital provides is amazing! Easton is receiving chemotherapy to kill the cancer in his bones. Before he began chemo treatments, his stem cells were harvested at ACH. When he finishes chemo in a few weeks, he’ll receive those cells back to help his body produce new, healthy cells.

Easton still has a long road back to health, and Sheryl doesn’t know what the future holds. But she do know this: Without you, kids like her little boy wouldn’t receive the lifesaving care they need.

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