Other Donation Ideas

There are a number of ways to help the patients and families at Arkansas Children's. You may volunteer, donate toys and gifts or choose from an idea below.

Become a Change Angel

Become a Change Angel and help change children's lives! Change Angels are "lifting" spare change from family, friends, classmates and co-workers. Every penny you raise through the Change Angel Program will help the kids at Arkansas Children's. It's so easy to help! Change Angels can represent schools, companies, departments within companies, organizations, individuals, clubs, families and friends etc. You'll be amazed at how easy and how quickly the change piles up. To receive your Change Angel Kit and get started, contact the Arkansas Children's Foundation at 501-364-1476. To learn more about Change Angels, visit

Donate Needlework Items

Click here to see the patterns and read more information about our needlework needs. Please email or call 501-364-1825 with any questions.

Host a Party

Host a party for your organization or group, request that your guests bring gifts suitable for children, and then donate gifts to Arkansas Children's. You might even ask friends or family members to bring items for the hospital instead of gifts for you!

Participate in Seasonal Projects

Some of Arkansas Children's projects are short-term or seasonal and may be outdoors such as landscaping, clean-up or painting. They may also be inside projects such as cleaning playrooms, toys or assisting with holiday decorations. These projects are very important to Arkansas Children's and help us complete larger tasks in a timely manner. These tasks contribute to an improved overall appearance of the hospital, which creates a very pleasant environment for our patients and their families.